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Lesson 13

Parts of Speech - Verbs


We can change the form of a verb. (These changes in form are used in conjugations. We will talk about conjugations in later lessons.) For example, a verb can have an s added to it as in eat, eats or run, runs. Other changes could be eating, ate, or eaten for the verb eat. Run could be changed to running, or ran. Irregular verbs which we will cover later have several confusing changes.


Instructions: Find the verb or verb phrases in these sentences. Take note of the different verb forms for come and sent.


1. I am coming in the morning.


2. I came as soon as possible.


3. She comes by every day.


4. Send me the package in the mail.


5. The new part was sent to me.


6. I am sending Jeff with the neighbors.



--For answers scroll down.














1. am coming


2. came


3. comes


4. send


5. was sent


6. am sending


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