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Lesson 173

Parts of the Sentence - Review



Instructions: Using all the knowledge learned in the previous lessons, find the verb, subjects, predicate nominatives, direct objects, appositives, nouns of address, adjectives, and adverbs in the following sentences.


1. Ila and I diligently prepared the garden and planted carefully the corn seeds.


2. The legislators are heatedly debating the gun issue.


3. Have you ever seen that beautiful butterfly bush?


4. Eric looked around rather hastily and ran away quickly.


5. Suddenly the siren sounded loudly and sharply.



--For answers scroll down.














1. prepared/planted = verbs; Ila/I = subjects; garden = direct object to verb prepared; seeds = direct object to verb planted; the = adjective modifying garden; the/corn = adjectives modifying seeds; diligently = adverb modifying prepared; carefully = adverb modifying planted


2. are debating = verb; legislators = subject; issue = direct object; the = adjective modifying legislators; the/gun = adjectives modifying issue; heatedly = adverb modifying verb


3. have seen = verb; you = subject; bush = direct object; that/beautiful/butterfly = adjectives modifying bush; ever = adverb modifying verb


4. looked/ran = verbs; Eric = subject; around/hastily = adverbs modifying looked; rather = adverb modifying hastily; away/quickly = adverbs modifying ran


5. sounded = verb; siren = subject; the = adjective modifying siren; suddenly/loudly/sharply = adverbs modifying sounded


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