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Lesson 200

Parts of the Sentence - Objective Complement


Instructions: Using all the knowledge learned in the previous lessons, find the verb (v), subjects (subj), predicate nominatives (pn), direct objects (do), appositives (app), nouns of address (na), adjectives (adj), predicate adjectives (pa), adverbs (adv), prepositions (prep), objects of the preposition (op), prepositional phrases (p ph), indirect objects (io), and objective complements (oc) in the following sentences.


1. Mother gave me an Inca necklace for Christmas.


2. The town council named the old building condemned.


3. The sad news drove the man insane.


4. The plumber had always brought his tools with him before.


5. Have the dirty clothes been washed yet?



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1. gave = v; Mother = subj; necklace = do; me = io modifying gave; an/Inca = adj modifying necklace; for Christmas = p ph modifying gave; for = prep; Christmas = op


2. named = v; council = subj; building = do; condemned = oc; the/town = adj modifying council; the/old = adj modifying building


3. drove = v; news = subj; man = do; insane = oc; the/sad = adj modifying news; the = adj modifying man


4. had brought = v; plumber = subj; tools = do; the = adj modifying plumber; his = adj modifying tools; always/before = adv modifying had brought; with him = p ph modifying had brought; with = prep; him = op


5. have been washed = v; clothes = subj; the/dirty = adj modifying clothes; yet = adv modifying have been washed


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