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Lesson 202

Parts of the Sentence - Conjunctions


A conjunction is a word that joins other words, phrases, or clauses. Co-ordinate conjunctions join words, phases, or clauses of equal rank. There are two kinds simple and correlative. The simple co-ordinate conjunctions are the following: and, but, or, and nor. The correlative co-ordinate conjunctions are always in pairs. They are either-or, neither-nor, both-and, not only-but also, and whether-or.


In these lessons simple co-ordinates will be referred to as co-ordinate conjunctions, and correlative co-ordinates will be referred to as correlative conjunctions. The co-ordinate and correlative conjunctions should be memorized since they are common and few in number.


Instructions: As a review of all the parts of the sentence, in the following sentences find the conjunctions and tell whether they are co-ordinate or correlative conjunctions, and then tell how each of the other words are used.


1. Run up the hill and through the valley.


2. I will be waiting for Ann and her family.


3. The clouds were neither large nor billowy.


4. At the convention I saw not only my neighbor but also my cousin.


5. The dog owner called his favorite dogs Laddie and Lady.



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1. and = co-ordinate conjunction; run = verb; you (understood) = subject; up/through = prepositions; hill/valley = object of the preposition; the/the = adjectives


2. and = co-ordinate conjunction; will be waiting = verb; I = subject; for = preposition; Ann/family = objects of the preposition; her = adjective


3. neither/nor = correlative conjunction; were = verb; clouds = subject; large/billowy = predicate adjectives; the = adjective


4. not only/but also = correlative conjunction; saw = verb; I = subject; neighbor/cousin = direct objects; at = preposition; convention = object of the preposition; the/my/my = adjectives


5. and = co-ordinate conjunction; called = verb; owner = subject; dogs = direct object; Laddie/Lady = object complements; the/dog/his/favorite = adjectives


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