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Lesson 341

Mechanics - Punctuation - Commas


Use a comma or commas to set off the abbreviations Jr., Sr., and Esq. Example: Carl Harris, Jr., is here now.


Instructions: Place commas where they are needed in these sentences.


1. I met Count Dracula Sr. the famous ghoul.


2. The letter was sent to Sir Thomas Mason Esq.


3. Did you see Reed Fitzgerald Jr. starring in that television show?


4. Mr. Sam Adams Sr. and Michael Gold Jr. race cars for a living.


5. Andrew Paskett Esq. was featured in the latest magazine issue.



--For answers scroll down.















1. Dracula, Sr.,


2. Mason, Esq. (There is no comma when Jr., Sr., or Esq. is used at the end of a sentence.)


3. Fitzgerald, Jr.,


4. Adams, Sr., /Gold, Jr.,


5. Paskett, Esq.,



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