Daily Grammar

Lesson 41

Parts of Speech - Adjectives

Use the article an before a word beginning with a vowel (a,e,i,o,u) or a vowel sound (words beginning with a silent h as heir, hour).  Words that start with eu or u that are pronounced with a long u or pronounced like "you" use the article a before them. 

Examples:  an egg, an hour, an orange, an idea, a house, a mouse, a river, a boy, a ukulele, a eucalyptus tree.

Instructions: Use the correct article before the following words.

1. girl

a girl

2. man

a man

3. horse

a horse

4. apple

an apple

5. honor

an honor

6. restaurant

a restaurant

7. industry

an industry

8. eye

an eye

9. car

a car

10. flower

a flower

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