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Lesson 427

Mechanics - Punctuation - Dashes


Dashes are used to give emphasis to written ideas and are typed by using two hyphens. They should be used sparingly.


Use dashes to emphasize parenthetical material. Example: Tomorrow--how I fear it!--is the big test.


Instructions: Use dashes where they are needed in the following sentences.


1. All the presentations especially the one by Emily were excellent.


2. I leave I am so excited! for school today.


3. That game what an exciting one it was! is one that we will long remember.


4. There are several persons including myself, incidentally who resent your implications.


5. We approached the dog what a monstrous creature he was! with caution.



--For answers scroll down.














1. All the presentations--especially the one by Emily--were excellent.


2. I leave--I am so excited!--for school today.


3. That game--what an exciting one it was!--is one that we will long remember.


4. There are several persons--including myself, incidentally--who resent your implications.


5. We approached the dog--what a monstrous creature he was!--with caution.


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