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Lesson 65

Parts of Speech - Adverbs


These sentences have adverbs that tell us how much, and they modify other adverbs.


Instructions: List those adverbs and what they modify.


1. The carpenter worked somewhat cautiously.


2. The project was moving rather slowly.


3. The amusement ride was much too fast for me to try.


4. The program lasted much too long for Paul.


5. Halloween was too far away for little Jim.



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1. somewhat modifying the adverb cautiously which modifies the verb worked


2. rather modifying the adverb slowly which modifies the verb was moving


3. much modifying the adverb too which modifies the adjective fast


4. much modifying the adverb too which modifies the adjective long


5. too modifying the adverb far, and far modifying the adverb away which modifies the verb was

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