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Lesson 97

Parts of the Sentence - Subject/Verb


Interjections, like the introductory there, do not fit grammatically with the rest of the sentence. They are never the subject. They come at the beginning of a sentence and may be set off with a comma. Example: Oh, I like your new car.


Instructions: Find the subject, verb, and interjections in these sentences.


1. Hey, what are you doing over there?


2. Yes, I would like that very much.


3. Well, Joe did it.


4. Yippee! Our team won the game.


5. Gosh, how did you do that?



--For answers scroll down.














1. you - subject, are doing - verb, hey - interjection


2. I - subject, would like - verb, yes - interjection


3. Joe - subject, did - verb, well - interjection


4. team - subject, won - verb, yippee - interjection


5. you - subject, did do - verb, gosh - interjection


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