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Quiz for Lessons 141 - 145

Parts of the Sentence - Pronouns


Instructions: Choose the correct form of the pronoun and tell why you chose it.


1. (Whom, Who) has she told?


2. Jim chose Ann and (I, me).


3. This is (she, her) speaking.


4. Could it have been (they, them) leaving there?


5. They never called (you and I, you and me).


6. Mother called (we, us) children for supper.


7. The cat groomed (its, it's) paw.


8. Is this shirt (yours, your's)?


9. The next turn is (ours, our's).


10. (Their, They're) house is the new one.



--For answers scroll down.














1. whom - direct object


2. me - direct object


3. she - predicate nominative


4. they - predicate nominative


5. you and me - direct object


6. us - direct object


7. its - possessive pronoun


8. yours - no apostrophes in possessive personal pronouns


9. ours - no apostrophes in possessive personal pronoun


10. Their - possessive pronoun


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