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Quiz for Lessons 146 -150

Parts of the Sentence - Noun/Pronoun Review


Instructions: Find the verbs, subjects, predicate nominatives, direct objects, appositives, and nouns of address in these sentences and tell whether the verb is transitive active (ta), transitive passive (tp), intransitive linking (il), or intransitive complete (ic).


1. Curtis, has Jay found his lost keys?


2. There on the porch stood Badger, our lost dog.


3. Sunday, Ila, will be our anniversary.


4. Those two boys, Ivan and he, argue incessantly.


5. He needs more helpers, you and me.


6. Rebecca, why haven't you practiced your music?


7. Your car has been sold today, Todd.


8. In the plowed field some corn was planted.


9. Joe, my uncle, Al Brim, is a famous skater.


10. This matter should not be decided without much thought.



--For answers scroll down.














1. has found = verb (ta), Jay = subject, keys = direct object, Curtis = noun of address


2. stood = verb (ic), Badger = subject, dog = appositive


3. will be = verb (il), Sunday = subject, anniversary = predicate nominative, Ila = noun of address


4. argue = verb (ic), boys = subject, Ivan/he = appositives


5. needs = verb (ta), he = subject, helpers = direct object, you/me = appositives


6. have practiced = verb (ta), you = subject, music = direct object, Rebecca = noun of address


7. has been sold = verb (tp), car = subject, Todd = noun of address


8. was planted = verb (tp), corn = subject


9. is = verb (il), uncle = subject, skater = predicate nominative, Al Brim = appositive, Joe = noun of address


10. should be decided = verb (tp), matter = subject


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