Daily Grammar

Quiz for Lessons 156 - 160

Parts of the Sentence - Nouns, Pronouns, & Adjectives Review

Instructions: Using all the knowledge learned in the previous lessons, find the verbs, subjects, predicate nominatives, direct objects, appositives, nouns of address, and adjectives in the following sentences.

1. Jay, we will need the electrician's help tomorrow.

JayNoA, weS will needV the electrician'sAdj helpDO  

2. That's right!

ThatS'sV rightAdj!

3. That attractive woman in the red dress and shoes is she.

That attractiveAdj womanS in the redAdj dress  
and shoes isV shePN.

4. Two of the most famous bridges are Rainbow Bridge and Natural Bridge.

TwoS of theAdj most famousAdj bridges areV  
Rainbow BridgePN and  
Natural BridgePN.

5. Mars has become the probe graveyard.

MarsS has becomeV the probeAdj graveyardPN.

6. Ila was wearing her Christmas presents, a pearl necklace and earrings.

IlaS was wearingV her ChristmasAdj presentsDO,  
a pearlAdj necklaceApp  
and earringsApp.

7. The game was won in the last second, Boyd!

TheAdj gameS was wonV in the lastAdj second,  

8. Go and bring in the newspaper, Grandpa.

GoV and bringV in theAdj newspaperDO,  
GrandpaNoA. (understood youS)

9. I need a new suit, some shoes, and a fancy tie.

IS needV a newAdj suitDO, someAdj shoesDO, and  
a fancyAdj tieDO.

10. Your mother is whipping the cream for the pumpkin pie, your favorite dessert.

YourAdj motherS is whippingV theAdj creamDO for  
the pumpkinAdj pie,  
your favoriteAdj dessertApp.

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