Daily Grammar

Quiz for Lessons 171 - 175

Parts of the Sentence - Review

Instructions: Using all the knowledge learned in the previous lessons, find the verbs, subjects, predicate nominatives, direct objects, appositives, nouns of address, adjectives, and adverbs in the following sentences. If there are any adjectives or adverbs, then tell what word they modify.

1. Soon John will be too big and will need far more time.

SoonAdv JohnS will beV tooAdv bigAdj will needV farAdv  
moreAdj timeDO.

  - Soon modifies will be and will need
  - too modifies big
  - big (predicate adjective) modifies John
  - far modifies more
  - more modifies time

2. The city council usually runs this city fairly efficiently.

TheAdj city councilS usuallyAdv runsV thisAdj cityDO  
fairlyAdv efficientlyAdv.

  - usually and efficiently modify runs
  - this modifies city
  - fairly modifies efficiently

3. Unfortunately all people are not free.

UnfortunatelyAdv allAdj peopleS areV notAdv freeAdj.

  - Unfortunately and not modify are
  - all modifies people
  - free (predicate adjective) modifies people

4. The boat owner started the engine up and cast off the lines.

TheAdj boatAdj ownerS startedV theAdj engineDO upAdv  
and castV offAdv theAdj linesDO.

  - The and boat modify owner
  - the modifies engine
  - up modifies started
  - off modifies cast
  - the modifies lines

5. Mom, can I go and watch the game?

MomNoA, canV IS goV and watchV theAdj gameDO?

  - the modifies game

6. How can you be so slovenly?

HowAdv canV youS beV soAdv slovenlyAdj?

  - How modifies can be
  - so modifies slovenly
  - slovenly (predicate adjective) modifies you

7. Yogurt is almost completely nonfattening.

YogurtS isV almostAdv completelyAdv  

  - almost modifies completely
  - completely modifies nonfattening
  - nonfattening (predicate adjective) modifies yogurt

8. Mrs. Carter, that is my cousin David.

Mrs. CarterNoA, thatS isV myAdj cousinPN DavidApp.

  - my modifies cousin

9. Art Buchwald, a humorous writer, has a really good column.

Art BuchwaldS, aAdj humorousAdj writerApp, hasV  
aAdj reallyAdv goodAdj columnDO.

  - a and humorous modify writer
  - a and good modify column
  - really modifies good

10. Did anyone call, Ann?

DidV anyoneS callV, AnnNoA.

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