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Quiz for Lessons 221 - 225

Parts of the Sentence - Verbals - Participles/Adjective Infinitives


Instructions: Find the infinitives, participles, and the participial and infinitive phrases in these sentences and tell what word they modify.


1. My attempts to comfort the lost boy were useless.


2. Having been left behind, the puppy gave a whining howl.


3. The exhausted men were given the signal to start the march.


4. The admired musician wants a person to study with him.


5. The screaming fans cheered their fighting team.


6. The droning lecture caused the students' heads to nod.


7. Having finished our work, we now had time to play.



--For answers scroll down.















1. to comfort the lost boy modifies attempts; lost modifies boy


2. Having been left behind modifies puppy; whining modifies howl


3. exhausted modifies men; to start the march modifies signal


4. admired modifies musician; to study with him modifies person


5. screaming modifies fans; fighting modifies team


6. droning modifies lecture; to nod modifies heads


7. Having finished our work modifies we; to play modifies time


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