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Quiz for Lessons 241 - 245

Parts of the Sentence - Verbals Review


Instructions: Using all the knowledge learned in the previous lessons, find the verbs (v), subjects (subj), predicate nominatives (pn), direct objects (do), appositives (app), nouns of address (na), adjectives (adj), predicate adjectives (pa), adverbs (adv), prepositions (prep), objects of the preposition (op), prepositional phrases (p ph), indirect objects (io), and objective complements (oc) in the following sentences.


If the word is a verbal, tell whether it is a gerund, participle, noun infinitive, adjective infinitive, or adverb infinitive. Tell which word the adjective, adverb, prepositional phrase, verbal, or verbal phrase modify.


Example: The actors performed there to entertain and to be seen. (performed = verb, actors = subject, the = adjective modifying actors, there = adverb modifying performed, to entertain/to be seen = adv. infinitives modifying performed, and = conjunction)


1. Are you too important to help the poor?


2. The crying child had upset everyone in the room.


3. He jumped across the gap without knowing the distance.


4. Exercising is good for everyone.


5. Jeff loves to dance constantly.


6. Teasing by your friends is hard to take.


7. Fearing reprisal, the people fled from the city.


8. Eating out is the thing to do tonight.


9. I don't know whether to tell him or to keep quiet.


10. Our next job, to run to the store, should be done quickly.



--For answers scroll down.














1. are = verb, you = subject, important = predicate adjective modifying you, too = adverb modifying important, to help the poor = adverb infinitive phrase modifying important, poor = direct object to the verbal to help, the = adjective modifying poor


2. had upset = verb, child = subject, the = adjective modifying child, crying = participle modifying child, everyone = direct object, in the room = prepositional phrase modifying everyone, in = preposition, room = object of the preposition, the = adjective modifying room


3. jumped = verb, he = subject, across the gap = prepositional phrase modifying jumped, across = preposition, gap = object of the preposition, the = adjective modifying gap, without knowing the distance = prepositional phrase modifying jumped, without = preposition, knowing = gerund used as the object of the preposition, distance = direct object of the verbal knowing, the = adjective modifying distance


4. is = verb, exercising = gerund used as the subject, good = predicate adjective modifying exercising, for everyone = prepositional phrase modifying good, for = preposition, everyone = object of the preposition


5. loves = verb, Jeff = subject, to dance constantly = noun infinitive phrase used as a direct object, constantly = adverb modifying to dance


6. is = verb, teasing by your friends = gerund phrase used as the subject, by your friends = prepositional phrase modifying teasing, by = preposition, friends = object of the preposition, your = adjective modifying friends, hard = predicate adjective modifying teasing, to take = adverb infinitive modifying hard


7. fled = verb, people = subject, the = adjective modifying people, fearing reprisal = participial phrase modifying people, reprisal = direct object to the verbal fearing, from the city = prepositional phrase modifying fled, from = preposition, city = object of the preposition, the = adjective modifying city


8. is = verb, eating out = gerund phrase used as a subject, out = adverb modifying the verbal eating, thing = predicate nominative, the = adjective modifying thing, to do tonight = adjective infinitive phrase modifying thing, tonight = adverb modifying to do


9. do know = verb, I = subject, n't = adverb modifying do know, whether/or = correlative conjunction, to tell him/to keep quiet = noun infinitive phrases used as direct objects, him = direct object to the verbal to tell, quiet = adverb modifying to keep


10. should be done = verb, job = subject, our/next = adjectives modifying job, to run to the store = noun infinitive phrase used as an appositive, to the store = prepositional phrase modifying to run, to = preposition, store = object of the preposition, the = adjective modifying store, quickly = adverb modifying should be done


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