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Quiz for Lessons 266 - 270

Parts of the Sentence - Adverb Clauses


Instructions: Find the adverb clauses in these sentences and tell what word they modify. If it is a reduced adverb clause or elliptical adverb clause add the missing words.


1. You seem very happy when you help other people.


2. While you wait, we will detail your car.


3. I am happier than I ever was before.


4. That horse is more obstinate than a mule.


5. After seeing the final act, the audience applauded enthusiastically.


6. The woman took notes while being taught to cook with broccoli.


7. Ben fields baseballs better than he hits.


8. Although never having held office, the candidate decided to run for governor.


9. As the lions approached the carcass, the cheetahs retreated once more.


10. While eating, I choked on a bone.



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1. when you help other people modifies the predicate adjective happy


2. While you wait modifies the verb will detail


3. than I ever was (happy) before modifies the predicate adjective happier


4. than a mule (is obstinate) modifies the predicate adjective obstinate


5. After (they saw) the final act modifies the verb applauded


6. while (she was) being taught to cook with broccoli modifies the verb took


7. than he hits (baseballs well) modifies the adverb better


8. Although (he had) never held office modifies the verb decided


9. As the lions approached the carcass modifies the verb retreated


10. While (I was) eating modifies the verb choked


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