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Quiz for Lessons 236 - 240

Parts of the Sentence - Verbals


Instructions: Find the gerunds, gerund phrases, participles, participial phrases, infinitives or infinitive phrases in these sentences, tell what kind of verbal they are, and how they are used.


1. Are you too busy to help us?


2. The crying child rushed to his mother.


3. He jumped from the cliff without looking down.


4. Walking is good for everyone.


5. Jim loves to play basketball.


6. Correction by others is hard to take.


7. Fearing their enemies, many small animals are nocturnal.


8. Law and Order is the program to watch tonight.


9. I don't know whether to go or to stay.


10. Our next job, to finish the painting, should be easy.



--For answers scroll down.














1. to help us is an adverb infinitive modifying the predicate adjective busy


2. crying is a participle modifying the subject child.


3. looking down is a gerund phrase used as the object of the preposition without


4. walking is a gerund used as the subject


5. to play basketball is a noun infinitive phrase used as the direct object


6. to take is an adverb infinitive modifying the predicate adjective hard


7. fearing their enemies is a participial phrase modifying the subject animals


8. to watch tonight is an adjective infinitive phrase modifying the predicate nominative program


9. to go/to stay are noun infinitives used as direct objects


10. to finish the painting is a noun infinitive used as an appositive/ painting is a gerund used as the direct object to the verbal to finish


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